Why Do You Need ABHI

Emergencies do not knock on your door and ask for your permission to present themselves. They are unforeseen and require immediate action. Sometimes, this immediate action also involves using your financial reserves, and the chances of you having to spend those resources on that particular occasion are slim, when you live paycheck to paycheck.

Thus, the introduction of a system that will allow you to access your salary whenever you need it is the need of the hour.

Considering the rising prices of daily commodities and the overall inflation rate, it is highly likely that an individual runs out of cash even before their salary is credited into their accounts. Thus, in order to bear all the expenses, one has to resort to borrowing money from their friends, family and colleagues or even requesting to take out loans. All this, topped off with the embarrassment of asking for money and the thought of the crushing bundle of debt you are under, turns life into a living nightmare for that individual.

Why would someone voluntarily want to plunge themselves into this never ending cycle of debt and loans when you can simply access your salary at any given day with Abhi. If you work 30 days a month, you deserve to be paid every single day. Abhi saves you from the discomfort of asking money and loans from others, by allowing you to access your salary anywhere, anytime. Saving you from the crushing debt and worries of how to make the ends meet. So what are you waiting for? #abhikaro